TM: What's the wildest thing you have ever done?

Hmm... the wildest thing that I have ever done? I guess it would depend on what someone perceives as wild... but I would have to say the time when I went on vacation and had a threesome, although I don't remember too much of it

TM: Have you ever been with a girl and if not would you like to be?

Yes I have been, I like to be with girls sometimes, depending on the mood that I am in

TM: Do you prefer girls, boys, or both?

I prefer boys, but being with girls at times is a change, I like to mix it up sometimes

TM: What is your favorite car?

Maserati and BMW 6 Series.. the list goes on ..

TM: What is your hottest sexual fantasy?

Hottest sexual fantasy... there are alot that I have, but one of them would be to travel to an excotic place and have an amazing weekend of sex on the beach :)

TM: What kind of music do you like?

All kinds of music, depends on what mood that I am in

TM: How often do you masturbate?

Yes, depends on my mood, but definately once or twice a week

TM: When did you get your first toy?

Not sure, it was a couple years ago, I got it from my best friend for my birthday

TM: What is your favorite thing to do / hobbies ?

Running, swimming, being outdoors, playing video games and relaxing. I like watching basketball too :)

TM: How often do you like to have sex?

Everyday, as much as possible actually

TM: What are your turn ons and turn offs?

On: When a guy knows what he wants Off: Arrogance

TM: Spit or swallow?

Depends on the situation and what mood I am in

TM: Have you ever done anal sex and did you like it?

Yes, I liked it, not something that I want to do all the time, but I like it every once in awhile

TM: Do you normally wear panties or do you go without them?

I wear panties during the day, but at night when I go to bed I never wear them, I like to sleep naked :)



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