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Two sweeties that are yummy :-)

Willa and Helen…what to say, what to say…Energetic, cute, love pussy, love girls, and love their pussies to be crammed with as many fingers as they can take until they reach a full on orgasm.  These teens know how to put on a show for you.  They REALLY REALLY do.  Don’t believe me, go check [...]
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You want to get hard as a rock and have a raging fucking boner?!? Yeah me too.  Well Nicole Ray and Veronique Vega are sure to get you a rager going.  These two girls are some of the cutest girls we have ever seen over here at teenmodels world headquarters.  These pussy licking young teens [...]
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Tanner, oh Tanner

Well well well, who do we have here gentlemen?  This is Tanner Mayes and she is only like the cutest young teen we have almost ever seen here at world headquarters….ALMOST EVER!  As soon as we heard about how cute Tanner was you know what we did?  We shot her for you guys.  You [...]
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When the head hanchos over here at headquarters gave me dictatorial powers I immediately contact Lola’s agent to query about her availability.  All I can say about Lola is…HOLY FUCKING SHIT!  Every site needs a teen who understands how to eat another girl’s pussy, who understands that shoving everything and anything in her tight [...]
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The Word On The Street

Word on the street was that Jessika Lux was one cute girl.  So of course first thing we did when we heard this was go find her and shoot her.  And man this girl is one cute teen!  It was a pleasure being on set and watching her play with herself, shove a dildo deep [...]
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Teen Models is going hardcore baby! We are going to be adding so much hardcore action in the weeks to come your dick is going to hurt. will now be your porn hub for all girl on girl, solo, and now BOY GIRL SCENES!  How do you like them apples?  Probably liking that a [...]
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I was just shaking my hips to some electric dance music and was suddenly reminded of this hot girl on girl scene we have. These are two of our favorite girls over here at Teen Models headquarters and we couldn’t be happier that they are together in this scene. Faye Reagan and Georgia Jones, two [...]
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